Monday, 26 November 2012

Dear my future kids

28 more days to the wedding. It feels just like yesterday we met at Starbucks The Curve, where she had a frappucino (and later that night went down the loo because she's lactose intolerant LOL), skipped a free movie, and had a wonderful first dinner together at Porto Romano. During that dinner, we exchanged our life stories, how we both were hurt by our past lives, and how we both want to pick up the pieces of our broken heart. Your mother, she's a magnificent woman. Strong yet gentle. Determined yet vulnurable. We both know what we want, and at that moment, we know that this is it. I know it sounds magical, and fairy tale-ish, but it's because it is.

Few days later, I brought her to see your grandma and grandpa. Do you know what happened? Grandma proposed to your mother. She beat me to it LOL. And your mother sheepishly smiled. Malu konon. I guess your mother perfectly fits your grandma's criteria; kindergarten teacher. That's why she couldn't wait. Silly grandma.

And then I was introduced to your mother's parents. Boy, it was as awkward as hell. Your grandpa totally ignored me from the first time we met, up till the day we got engaged. But I made it my mission to win her parents' heart. Alhamdulillah, so far, I'm successful LOL.

The drama we went through before I went for merisik. Oh god. At first, your grandpa didn't agree because it was too soon, but your mother fought like we're in a romantic comedy movie. I cried in my prayers, because I believed that this is the one. Your mother is the one for me. In the end, your grandpa gave up, and agreed to let me marry your mother. Our hardheadedness paid off.

So here I am, 28 more days before we are legally a soulmate, 240 days after you guys are a possibility. I hope everything turns out well.

I love you Nurunnawal


Mak Beruang said...

fighting for you was the best thing i ever did .. :). 27 more days baby...

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